About Me

Hi there, I’m Chelsea Tucker. 

I’m currently working as a Digital Designer for McMillan Shakespeare (MMS), experiencing firsthand how dynamic and stimulating the financial services industry can actually be.

At work, I bring a hands-on and enthusiastic approach to my design projects, whilst working with several brands under the MMS brand suite. Some of my achievements at MMS have included producing an animation to showcase the marketing team’s social media performance, revamping social media visuals to improve brand reputation and designing an app to showcase the digital and IT teams capabilities. 

Looking at the way I can improve websites has always excited me. This is why I’ve chosen to pursue UX/UI design; teaming my passion for creativity as a Graphic Designer with that of a Digital Designer. 

In between work hours, you can find me playing with my kelpies or getting stuck into the sewing machine. I also work with freelance clients, including Melbourne jazz ensemble, Willow Jam Jazz.

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